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HKDC Concert Poster

The Hannah Kahn Dance Company has been commissioning Cloudburst for all their publicity materials for several years and this concert poster was no exception.  The name of the concert, “Voyage”, and the publicity shots provided of the dancers gave us the idea of a figurehead, the carved wooden figure placed at the prow or front [...]

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SoundRabbit Stop Motion Video

This stop motion video project for SoundRabbit was compiled from over 1500 still photographs (taken every 10 seconds) over the course of several hours during a studio mixing session.  In some cases, the camera remained still in a single location, and at other moments the camera was moved to new locations in the studio to [...]

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HKDC Tri-fold Card

When Hannah Kahn of the Hannah Kahn Dance Company came to us with the idea of creating something fun and memorable to give to the many schoolchildren they reach throughout the year, we came up with this design.  The simple color scheme and the way the messaging reveals itself as the card unfolds proved successful [...]

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FocoLoco Event Poster

This Event Poster was designed for a Fort Collins, Colorado, event called FocoLoco back in November of 2008.  This event featured live music as well as visual art in a cross between a traditional gallery setting and a live concert venue, bringing together supporters of live music and art at one event. This poster design [...]

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Lime Tree Sourcing

This motion graphics After Effects and flash video was created for Lime Tree Sourcing in September, 2008.  This flash piece was used as an introduction to their website, to help explain their expertise in turning their customers ideas into real products on store shelves.

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Pete Francis One Sheet

In a partnership with Tsunami Publicity, we were commissioned to produce a “onesheet” for musician Pete Francis. A double sided 8.5″x11″, the onesheet is a must have for a management and marketing company.  We were given some photos and a couple of links to Mr. Francis’s music and the project evolved from that – goes [...]

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Lodos Bar & Grill Website

One of Denver’s best restaurants and bars, Lodo’s Bar and Grill, contracted us in the summer of 2008 to redesign their website into something that would be easy for people to find online, fun to use, and convey their proximity to Coors Field, the home of the Colorado Rockies. After an initial meeting with this [...]

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A Life Connected Video

This 12 minute video production was created for ALifeConnected.org, a project of NonviolenceUnited.org, to raise awareness of the impacts of a non-vegan lifestyle, and to highlight the positive influence that making Vegan choices in everyday life can improve the world. With the script provided by the client, we assembled this video production and original audio [...]

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Hannah Kahn Dance Denver Website Design

The website portion of the project for the Hannah Kahn Dance Company started in the summer of 2008.  The request was to redesign/face lift the old site to make it more user friendly, add some visual interest and allow for easy updates by the staff. After a bit of research and some design feedback we [...]

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KB Earthworks Logo Design

This is the Logo Design for KB Earthworks in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. This logo was used on the web, hooded sweathshirts, jackets, and on KB Earthworks company vehicles, excavators, and heavy machinery.

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