Corporate Banner Graphic Design

Webroot Enterprise Banner

This graphic banner design was created for the Boulder, Colorado, web security company, Webroot.  In addition to security software products for Home & Home Office, Webroot also offers cloud-based, layered security solutions for enterprise and business customers around the world.  This banner is displayed on the Enterprise Products page of, and the primary "Call To Action" within the banner is designed to drive potential business customers to watch a detailed product overview. In addition to driving potential customers to learn more about their business products, Webroot's existing customer testimonials are an excellent resource for new customers.  On the enterprise ...

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Boulder Colorado Motion Graphics

Charitable Earth

This video and motion graphics project was executed for Waterstone Inc, in Boulder Colorado, for the Charitable Earth project.  We started on this project with a script and storyboard creative, and then developed the visual messaging, animated graphics, and musical score for the entire piece. Watch now

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Boulder Colorado Stop-Motion Video

SoundRabbit Stop Motion

This stop motion video project for SoundRabbit was compiled from over 1500 still photographs (taken every 10 seconds) over the course of several hours during a studio mixing session.  In some cases, the camera remained still in a single location, and at other moments the camera was moved to new locations in the studio to create this effect. The song used over this video, titled Blame, was one of the songs off this new record the band was mixing, and they wanted to put this video and audio preview up for their fans on their fan website before the record was ...

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Denver Colorado Motion Graphics

Lime Tree Sourcing

This motion graphics After Effects and flash video was created for Lime Tree Sourcing in September, 2008.  This flash piece was used as an introduction to their website, to help explain their expertise in turning their customers ideas into real products on store shelves.

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Boulder Colorado Video Editing

A Life Connected

This 12 minute video production was created for, a project of, to raise awareness of the impacts of a non-vegan lifestyle, and to highlight the positive influence that making Vegan choices in everyday life can improve the world. With the script provided by the client, we assembled this video production and original audio and music over the course of several months, and then provided the finished products to A Life Connected to distribute and promote the video online.  This project had a very limited budget, so stock photography, images, and video clips were used in combination with custom motion ...

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