Boulder Logo Design Website

Boulder Uvize Logo Design

The Uvize logo design was created over the summer of 2011, and incorporates an open book & pages in brilliant blue color tones to symbolize the goal of this Boulder Educational company: to prepare high school students for their journey into college and future educational experiences.  We initially began working with Uvize on the Boulder logo design as part of a greater project that first included the logo design portion of the project, followed by another project phase that included customizing a Wordpress installation and theme based on the creative logo design to reach out to their targeted demographic of ...

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Denver Blog Website Wordpress Design

WordPress Customization

The Visualist Blog site launched in January, 2011, and serves as a visual computing technology blog for Denver-based Christopher Jaynes, the CTO for Mersive, which he founded in 2004.  The goal of this Wordpress customization site design was to create a rich visual computing and information resource, along with post discussion and social media integration, all while carrying over branded colors and elements from existing Mersive brand standards into the design.  The company website features a prominent link to The Visualist Blog in the main site navigation, so the user experience was a significant consideration during the wireframe and ...

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Band Venue Poster Graphic Design

Mishawaka Poster Design

This live concert poster was created for the Mishawaka Amphitheater to promote a summer show at the venue, as well as promotions around the Colorado Front Range.  Wish We Were Floyd is a live band that recreates the the Pink Floyd experience at their shows, so the design had to quickly communicate the connection to Pink Floyds' music by using classic imagery and font treatments that are unmistakably "Floydian". The title font treatment was modernized by creating a 3D vanishing depth on the lettering, and then adding highlights to enhance the effect.  Strong and bold event info at the bottom pulled ...

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Denver Colorado Business Card Design

HKDC Tri-fold Card

When Hannah Kahn of the Hannah Kahn Dance Company came to us with the idea of creating something fun and memorable to give to the many schoolchildren they reach throughout the year, we came up with this design.  The simple color scheme and the way the messaging reveals itself as the card unfolds proved successful - the children loved them!  The project was a success, the schoolchildren loved taking away the cards and the Company's information went home to parents.

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Boulder Colorado Band Graphic Design

Pete Francis One Sheet

In a partnership with Tsunami Publicity, we were commissioned to produce a "onesheet" for musician Pete Francis. A double sided 8.5"x11", the onesheet is a must have for a management and marketing company.  We were given some photos and a couple of links to Mr. Francis's music and the project evolved from that - goes to show that inspiration comes in all things...and music is one of our favorites!

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Boulder Colorado Brochure Graphic Design

STAR Brochure Design

This 11" x 17" tri-fold print brochure was designed and created for Waterstone, Inc, and to promote their STAR software product.  These brochures were printed with full page bleed, and distributed at technical conferences to both customers with potential interest in STAR, and potential investors.

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