Virginia Time-Lapse Star Trails Photography

Virginia Night Sky

This time-lapse photograph series was taken on May 10th, 2010, between 12am and 1:45am, just outside Charlottesville, Virginia. Over 80 individual exposures, each lasting 30 seconds, were later assembled in Adobe Photoshop to reveal the star trails and movement of the night sky. The light against the horizon is minor "light polution" from the city of Charlottesville, and just out of view in the upper left corner of this photo is the North Star.

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Boulder Colorado Website Design

The Prairie Club Website

The goal for The Prairie Club project was to take their existing flash website and site functionality, and convert it into an SEO friendly HTML website with a custom built content management system.  The primary challenge was to maintain the clients' current branding, look & feel, and overall user experience using only HTML, CSS, and Javascript libraries. Full flash websites are inherently bad for search engines, and generally don't produce high results in organic search listings.  By converting this site into HTML for the Prairie Club, not only are search listings and organic results greatly improved, but they are able to ...

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Boulder Colorado HDR Photography

Dirt Road

This landscape photograph was taken just outside Boulder, Colorado, featuring selective color digital editing and High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques.  This photo was taken late on a September afternoon facing west towards the Rocky Mountains with the sun behind the clouds.

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