10 Jan 2009

SoundRabbit Stop Motion

Design Portfolio, Motion Graphics/Video
Boulder Colorado Stop-Motion Video

This stop motion video project for SoundRabbit was compiled from over 1500 still photographs (taken every 10 seconds) over the course of several hours during a studio mixing session.  In some cases, the camera remained still in a single location, and at other moments the camera was moved to new locations in the studio to create this effect.

The song used over this video, titled Blame, was one of the songs off this new record the band was mixing, and they wanted to put this video and audio preview up for their fans on their fan website before the record was actually released.  You may also notice that there are several frames sprinkled throughout the video piece that have a small amount of text in them to show who the band members are, and other funny things that happened that day during the mixing session.  Stay sharp…they go by FAST!

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