01 Jan 2010

East Coast Resurfacing

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Western Mass Web Design

This Website Design project for East Coast Resurfacing, based in Western Massachusetts, is actually the second website project we have executed for ECR.  This time, we updated the look and feel of the site to accommodate wider browser widths that are standard now, as well as a large Search Engine Optimization push to get the site to rank higher and generate more business for ECR in 2010.

East Coast Resurfacing does Concrete Floor etching, Epoxy Floor coatings, and offers other flooring solutions for large industry, commercial buildings, and even huge government projects at military installations around the East Coast.  For this project, it was important that we improve their online visibility, as well as convey a professional and trustworthy corporate image and brand.

The website re-design portion of this project was limited to refreshing the look and feel of the site by going with a wider web page display/layout, incorporating their existing logo, and implementing a Content Management System that would make the content easy for them to update and change in the future.  In addition, we suggested adding a project Blog to the site that they could update bi-weekly with current project updates, progress, photos, and other info to really show that they are an industry leader and knowledgeable experts in their field.

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