Graphic & Web Design Portfolio

Boulder Colorado Motion Graphics

Charitable Earth

This video and motion graphics project was executed for Waterstone Inc, in Boulder Colorado, for the Charitable Earth project.  We started on this project with a script and storyboard creative, and then developed the visual messaging, animated graphics, and musical score for the entire piece. Watch ...
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Maine Web Design

Androscoggin Mapping

A new/startup GIS company based in of Southern Maine, Androscoggin Mapping contacted us in early 2009 to create a logo for their new business.  They were operating on a tight budget, and wanted to clearly demonstrate the concept of geography, as well as their location ...
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Boulder Colorado Blog Web Design

Webroot Threat Blog

Webroot Threat Blog site design and implementation for Webroot Software, Boulder Colorado.  This Blog is actually a hosted blog, as opposed to hosting the blog themselves, which called for creative solutions to get the Blog design and functionality setup as needed.  The greatest challenge ...
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Denver Colorado Event Poster Design

HKDC Concert Poster

The Hannah Kahn Dance Company has been commissioning Cloudburst for all their publicity materials for several years and this concert poster was no exception.  The name of the concert, "Voyage", and the publicity shots provided of the dancers gave us the idea of a figurehead, ...
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Boulder Colorado Stop-Motion Video

SoundRabbit Stop Motion

This stop motion video project for SoundRabbit was compiled from over 1500 still photographs (taken every 10 seconds) over the course of several hours during a studio mixing session.  In some cases, the camera remained still in a single location, and at other moments the ...
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Fort Collins Event Poster Design

FocoLoco Event Poster

This Event Poster was designed for a Fort Collins, Colorado, event called FocoLoco back in November of 2008.  This event featured live music as well as visual art in a cross between a traditional gallery setting and a live concert venue, bringing together supporters of ...
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Denver Colorado Business Card Design

HKDC Tri-fold Card

When Hannah Kahn of the Hannah Kahn Dance Company came to us with the idea of creating something fun and memorable to give to the many schoolchildren they reach throughout the year, we came up with this design.  The simple color scheme and the way ...
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Denver Colorado Web Design

Neith Motorsports Website

California-based Neith Motorsports hired us to design and build their new business website back in the fall of 2008.  They specialize in manufacturing triple chrome plated accessories and well-padded aftermarket seats for various lines of motorcycles, and were primarily interested in collecting dealer applications ...
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Denver Colorado Motion Graphics

Lime Tree Sourcing

This motion graphics After Effects and flash video was created for Lime Tree Sourcing in September, 2008.  This flash piece was used as an introduction to their website, to help explain their expertise in turning their customers ideas into real products on store shelves.
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