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Business Infographic Design Boulder

Business Infographic Design

This business infographic design project was completed on an accelerated schedule to be used in social media channels and to promote a business report about Web Security threats.  This business infographic design follows the client brand guidelines, but also extends the brand styles to create a modern and compelling visual infographic design that highlights the key data points requested by the client. Infographic Design Process For this infographic design project, the client outlined the desired data/content "panels", rough messaging for each section, and provided the primary numerical data to be used in this infographic design piece.  Based on this data, and the ...

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boulder brochure design annual report

PRC Annual Report Design

Public Radio Capital, a national nonprofit based in Boulder, Colorado, that provides consulting services for financing public media in communities nationwide, engaged us to design & layout their 2011 annual report design.  The goal of the annual report design was to incorporate professional photography, typography, layout, and design elements to create a compelling and professional annual report for the organization.  The intended delivery of the final annual report design would be both online as an interactive web document, as well as physical printed reports for the organization. Annual Report Design: Creative Process During initial meetings and calls about this project, Public Radio ...

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Boulder Brochure Design Print Marketing

Boulder Brochure Design

Boulder's Gorilla Logic engaged Cloudburst to update their sales and marketing brochure designs and print materials for several of their software products, as well as corporate marketing materials and other brand collateral like business cards, T-Shirt, and water bottle designs.  The primary goal for this project was to create a unified, branded, and contemporary look for the brochure designs, business cards, and other print materials for use at trade shows, conventions, and online marketing as well for this Boulder company. The existing company logo design was the primary inspiration for the brochure design and print materials, along with a thorough analysis ...

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QR Code Free Music Download Viral T-Shirts

QR Code Viral Music T-Shirt

This QR Code design project was an extension of an earlier QR Code Campaign in Boulder, Co,  for the band SoundRabbit, that may actually be the first-ever viral QR code t-shirt designed specifically for free music downloads!  QR Codes are just like bar codes, except that they can be “read” by free QR reader Apps on iPhones, Androids, and Blackberry Devices, by taking and scanning a photograph with the mobile device.  In this case, the QR codes in each design are for a single song, and that song is downloaded directly to the iPhone or mobile device where the user ...

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lakewood event poster design

Lakewood Poster Design

The event poster design was created to promote the spring, 2011, Hannah Kahn Dance Company performance of Knoxville: Summer of 1915 at the Lakewood Cultural Center, in Lakewood Colorado. In addition to these eye-catching 11x17 posters, which feature all the dancers, singers, and performers that appear in the "Knoxville" piece, matching postcards were created and sent via USPS mail to Denver-area dance and arts supporters. This event poster design for Knoxville: Summer of 1915 features a vintage, aged/distressed treatment, and embellished title fonts to help convey the emotion and era of this piece. This Dance concert features a famous piece of ...

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Boulder QR Code Music Campaign

Boulder QR Code Campaign

This QR Code T-Shirt design was created for a QR Code campaign in Boulder, Colorado, and for use at a NACA Convention in Hartford, Connecticut.  QR Codes are just like bar codes, except that they can be "read" by free QR reader Apps on iPhones, Androids, and Blackberry Devices, by taking and scanning a photograph with the mobile device. The goal of this campaign was to encourage free sharing of music, as opposed to music "Piracy", so we chose the primary message of "You Are Not A Pirate", followed by three alternate messages: "I'm In The Band", "I'm With The Band", ...

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Band Venue Poster Graphic Design

Mishawaka Poster Design

This live concert poster was created for the Mishawaka Amphitheater to promote a summer show at the venue, as well as promotions around the Colorado Front Range.  Wish We Were Floyd is a live band that recreates the the Pink Floyd experience at their shows, so the design had to quickly communicate the connection to Pink Floyds' music by using classic imagery and font treatments that are unmistakably "Floydian". The title font treatment was modernized by creating a 3D vanishing depth on the lettering, and then adding highlights to enhance the effect.  Strong and bold event info at the bottom pulled ...

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Corporate Business Brochure Design

Veritext Brochure Design

Cloudburst is responsible for many of the marketing materials for Veritext, a National Deposition & Litigation Services Firm.  Clean and bold, the Veritext designs represent a more corporate style. This recent brochure was made to promote their new video technologies offered to their clients and was just a part of a much broader marketing campaign including a html email campaign, postcards and online graphics.

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Colorado Band Poster Design

SoundRabbit Poster

Live Event/Concert poster design for a SoundRabbit show at the B-Side Lounge in Boulder Colorado, August of 2009.  This poster design was used as a template for SoundRabbit's national shows in the fall of 2009 as well.  These posters were printed in full color, and placed around Boulder, Denver, and the Colorado Front Range by the SoundRabbit street team to promote the event. This design features a distressed graphic style, rich colors, graphic textures and several lighting effects to create this eye catching poster.  We also used this design to highlight the "best of" achievements of the band, while maintaining a ...

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Denver Colorado Event Poster Design

HKDC Concert Poster

The Hannah Kahn Dance Company has been commissioning Cloudburst for all their publicity materials for several years and this concert poster was no exception.  The name of the concert, "Voyage", and the publicity shots provided of the dancers gave us the idea of a figurehead, the carved wooden figure placed at the prow or front of a ship.  So, we ran with the idea of a voyage to a mystical location adding a background that includes suggestions of an old treasure map, mist, and the impression of waves on a beach. Having a long standing relationship with this client made this ...

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